Monday, February 22, 2010

Part 7- How we got together

Kerry was my best friend since pretty much the day I moved to Massachusetts.  We used to sleep over each others houses almost every day.  When I went to college, Kerry would spend weekends at my school and I would visit her at hers.  When I moved out with Jon, Kerry spent almost every weekend with us.  All 3 of us got along great.

Anyways, Kerry invited the two of us to come out with her for New Years and since Jon and I didn't have any other plans, we agreed.  We drove to my side of Massachusetts and got ready for a fun night out.

We spent the whole night partying and ended up at a club for the midnight show.  I'm not sure if it was the events leading up to that night or the alcohol, but I couldn't convince myself that this relationship wasn't worth it.  Yes, it was risky.  Yes, we could potentially ruin a perfect friendship.  Yes, we could end up in an awkward break up while still under a lease.  Yes, we would end up being discovered at work and criticized or made fun of.  Yes, there were many reasons not to do it.  But there was one that told me that it was all worth it - I couldn't stop thinking about him. 

So that New Year's eve was it - we decided to make it official.

We went back to my parents' house and danced the night away.


In the morning we polished out a few more details - like the fact that we should probably keep the relationship quiet at work.  We were attracted to one another and things were going great, but we both knew that relationships don't always last and we wouldn't want to make things awkward at work.  And with that, we started dating.


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