Saturday, July 10, 2010

1st Tri Summation

This past weekend we celebrated the end of the first 12 weeks by inviting a small group of very close friends to tell them the news.  It was the first time we started actually telling people around us (aside from family; yes, you two who are may be reading this, you're considered family).  Laura, the owner of Stinky Minky, was apparently so sure that there would be this type of an announcement that she brought Apple Cider to toast with.  It tasted AMAZING.

Well, I thought, for posterity sake, I'd sum up the 1st Trimester (PS- we don't mean to match. But we ALWAYS do). 

Once the news of Peanut's existence sunk in, not too much happened!  I felt exactly as I had before I found out I was pregnant.  Imagine my disappointment when I did not immediately start throwing up or smelling fish everywhere I went (I know it's hard to get across in writing, so I'll just point it out - that was sarcasm). 

The first week or so went by about the same as any week before that.  I continued running with my friend Kari after work, I ate the same things I ate before.  The major difference, aside from my constant excitement followed by endless paranoia, was my sudden interest in every pregnancy book ever written.  That, and the fact that I teared up anytime I saw a baby.  Then, around week 6 or so I started getting so tired I could barely make it through the work day.  I also felt a good amount of back pain as my body began to readjust.  I prepared myself for more to come, but it didn't.  That was it!  I kept being nervous that I would start getting sick or have insane cravings at any point, but it never came.  There were some other minor things like rashes and the "glow" which really only meant that my face was crazy oily.  But overall, I was one heck of a lucky gal!  Then by week 10, my barely-existing symptoms started disappearing, leaving me with just a little more energy each day while my back pain decreased.  By week 11, I was pretty much symptom-free (the "glow" doesn't seem to want to let my skin clear up).  A part of me rejoiced as I was able to spend more time hanging out or going for a run, but majority of me worried that something wasn't right.

What is it about me that doesn't let me enjoy life without some paranoia?  Apparently, it's part of my genetics or something.

In any case, by week 12 I was barely containing myself as we finally made our way to the ultrasound office to check on our little Peanut.  Just days before I had a regular ob appointment that let us hear her beautiful strong heart, so I wasn't as paranoid as I could have been.

Seeing her little limbs moving around on the screen made me giggle with relief.  I promised myself that this would be the last of my paranoid existence (that lasted about 2 hours or so).

So now we are just enjoying our days and weeks as Peanut continues to grow (as does my belly and I think a couple other things).  I'm loving this second trimester phase - symptom-free so far!


  1. I love that you are already calling peanut a her! So cute!

  2. I know this is coming in late, but this is so exciting. The hubby and I are talking kids and I'm just having a hard time deciding what to do. Kids have never been high on my list, but it would be nice to have someone pick out my nursing home when I'm old. lol Congrats!!


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