Saturday, July 17, 2010

Birthday Loot

Did I ever mention that I absolutely love presents?  I think even more so I love opening presents!

My husband is pretty amazing and got me everything I wanted and more!

I'm pretty much a spoiled brat when it comes to my hubs and family who all adore me and shower me with everything I want, even when I don't blatantly ask for it!

I am also insanely impatient so I opened two of my big gifts early.

My mom and dad got me the Nook which is soooooo freakin' cool! I adore it.

And Jon bought me the new iPhone, mixed reviews and all.

Not gonna lie to ya - I love it!  I've heard all the bad reviews about it, but to be honest, I had crappy reception before and I continue to have crappy reception.  In the meantime, the new case hubby got me this morning should alleviate some of that!

This cover is super slick!  It's really thin and light and super sharp! It's here if you want one.

And then, to my utter shock and surprise (because I barely ever mentioned this to him before - and he doesn't read my blog), Jon bought me two of my all-time favorite cook books that I've wanted for-ever!

Obviously, the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!

Look! It's mine! All mine!

Along with its amazing photography and amazing stories! Plus, ridiculously delicious recipes.

Oh, and Charlie!

This one, folks, was even more of a surprise to me.

Guess who wrote this?!

If you guessed Julia Child, you'd be right! (It also says it right at the top. See it?)

This might be my first attempt!  If you haven't seen Julie and Julia, you should totally watch it.  It's totally cute and makes you want to jump right off the couch and start cooking.

My favorite part of cookbooks is usually the beginning and all the essentials.  This one was especially awesome!

We also celebrated July birthdays with Jon's side of the family last weekend where I got lots of other awesome presents which I'll post about another time!

Until then. 



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