Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Five: Things I don't need but still want

It's my birthday tomorrow! And here is a list of 5 things I want...but really don't need.

But what are birthdays really for? 

Jessie Steele Bib Josephine Red and Pink Polka Dot Apron

Do you see how freakin' cute this is?

I love polka dots (I think I have about 5 polka-dot dresses).  And I love pink.  And I love aprons.  Although I don't own one. I don't know why.

Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device

Um - did I mention that pink is my favorite?  Anyways, Pogoplug is a sharing device that you can use to put all your external drives on the Internet and access it virtually anywhere! It's pretty freakin' amazing.  Obviously there are security measures to make sure that your stuff isn't just all over the web for anyone to grab.  But for you, who has access via their safe site, you can grab your stuff from anywhere you want instead of lugging your external drives around.  Cool, eh?

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

Okay, this is totally funny because I've given this away but I don't actually have one! I have no idea why not because I am sort of kind of totally obsessed.

You gotta check out her recipes here (but be prepared to drool all over your keyboard).

Genuine Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace- White (8mm)

I love pearls!  And believe me, I've had about 5 pearl necklaces that I've loved dearly.  But for some reason they keep breaking on me!  I can't seem to bring myself up to buying a new one because I'm afraid I'm not meant to own one!  Doesn't stop me from wanting it though.

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Okay I really don't need another kitchen appliance, but who doesn't want a panini press! Look at it.  It's so shiny, I can hear it calling my name, taunting me with perfectly pressed, warm paninis with those perfect little lines across them. 

Great - now I'm starving.

What's on your wishlist?


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