Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grinch attack

We had about 2 feet of snow here in Connecticut.  Personally, I love the snow - but that's easy to say when you're wicked pregnant and get to stay home and look out the window.  I guess it's probably a little less fun for those who actually have to get out there and shovel the snow.

The dogs love the snow too.  They run around, chasing each other.  They eat mouthfuls of snow (hopefully none of it yellow).  

Here they are, enjoying life, unsuspecting.

Then they realize the Grinch creeping up behind them. Bubba tries to bolt

but his short little legs are no match for the Grinch in his snow gear.

The Gremlin has to get over her fear of being burried in the snow and decides to run after Bubba' dog-napper.

As you can see, the snow is way taller than then pups.

But it's no match for the Gremlin.  She fearlessly trudged through 2 feet of snow to get to her brother to save him.

Even when it meant that she was in over her head.

Finally reaching her brother, the Gremlin cleared the path (as much as her little 15 lb body could do) for them to escape.

Freedom's never tasted so good.

And by freedom, I mean snow.

Good job, fearless Gremlin.


  1. Ok, random thing to look for. Harper LOVES the snow, but apparently at our most recent bi-weekly vet visit (groan), she had frost bite patches on her paws. So now we have to convince her that she doesn't love snow QUITE as much as she thinks she does.

  2. These photos are adorable. The snow is swallowing them up!

  3. So cute.

    Marla @


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