Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dave and Janelle's Wedding - getting started

Here's a little fact about Dave, Janelle and Jon that you probably didn't know.

Bride and Groom at Rehearsal
When they were all in 9th grade, Jon and Janelle started dating.

Groom with a couple of his groomsmen...and no- they don't really have piercings
It was the kind of "dating" that makes you question what exactly constituted your as boyfriend and girlfriend rather than some classmates running into each other on occasion.  Their parents drove them to the movies where they sat next to each other, silently, and then went their separate ways.

The Bride getting her hair done
Their "relationship" didn't last very long and by 12th grade Dave decided that enough time had gone by and he would ask his buddy's ex out on a date.  Jon gave his blessing and Dave got enough guts to ask out the super cute blondie.

Hair - check!
The two lovebirds were a perfect match for each other.  When it was time to go to college they decided to stick together and spent the next 4 years (well, 5 in Dave's case) commuting to see one another.  These 4 years make or break a couple.  In Dave and Janelle's case it totally made them into the strong couple they are today.

Double fisting already
After college, Janelle moved to New Jersey for a job while Dave finished his 5th year of school.  This is around the time that I met Dave and Janelle.  It was around this time that Janelle and I figured out that we were long lost sisters.

Coffee and alcohol go great together
When Dave finished school, he moved in with J into her apartment in NJ.  Their relationship continued to blossom.  Then Janelle got an offer she couldn't resist which would move the two of them to CA.  With Dave's support, Janelle took on the opportunity and the two of them moved across the country.  We missed them beyond belief.

Gorgeous Bride
2 years later Dave popped the question on a gorgeous beach and Dave and Janelle got the opportunity to move back to the Northeast and start their wedding planning.  Fast forward to this past weekend and here we are.

Putting in the veil
It's been amazing to watch these two as a couple.  I know I've only been around them since they graduated college, but I feel like those are really the important years.  Sure the foundation was already there, but they became the couple they are today in those last 5.

I love this picture....J - you're gorgeous
Janelle and Dave are one of my favorite couples.  They're like Peanut Butter and Jelly...Pastrami and pickles.   They love each others sense of humor, support each other in every way possible, and always just make it work.  They're patient with each other when they need patience and push each other when they need a push.  But best of all, they let each other be themselves.

The Bride - ready for her dress
Now how to get the two of them to start having some babies so Peanut can have a best friend...that is the real question.


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