Saturday, November 27, 2010

Peanut's first outfit

Jon and I are currently taking birth prep classes.

Although this is entirely off topic, I'd like to tell you that there is no way that we are mature enough for these classes.  During our first class we were supposed to be practicing "relaxation" where couples lay on the mats on the floor and practice breathing while the instructor turns off the lights and helps with some meditation imaging.  So here we are, laying on our mat, in silence while the instructor talks about imagining our perfect birth experience - what we see, what we hear, who is there, what we smell...that's when Jon leans in and whispers, "Woops, sorry that was me."  In case you don't get that joke, it means he farted (he didn't actually fart but it was really funny nevertheless).  That's when I start giggling.  In the dark.  While everyone else is silent and supposed to be practicing relaxation.  Then Jon starts cracking up.  I try to stop but he's still laughing so I start laughing again.  He tries to stop but there is just no stopping anymore.  The rest of the 15 minutes of "silence" Jon and I lay on the floor, laughing like we're 5 years old at a fart joke.

In any case.  Back on topic.  One of the classes includes a hospital tour where you get to learn all the stuff that will happen there as well as ask any questions.  This is where we learned that Yale will provide us with all the stuff we need for baby except for an outfit that they'll go home in.  This is the part where I get excited.

So, I've narrowed it down to 2 outfits that I think would be perfect for Peanut's first outfit.  I'll be needing your help choosing one.

This super cute pink monkey outfit - this one is Jon's favorite.

Or this super cute blue polka dot cupcake one?  It's terrycloth and super soft.  I can't say "no."

What's your vote?


  1. We were a WRECK during the first relaxation practice round!! Our Bradley instructur put on a weird zen cricket type song and Jason and I couldn't handle it. When none of the other couples broke out in laughter we tried our best to contain ourselves!! And - my husband DID fart during the class!!! It was in the crowded room and wildly embarrassing for him. I tried to be a good wife but I couldn't and I laughed and laughed and laughed!!!

    I vote to bring both outfits and see which one suits your baby best. Clothes look so different when they are actually on your child!! I brought 2 or 3 and picked at the last minute ;)

  2. HARD choice! I agree with Lisa. Bring them both and see what works the day of. PS, also, I'm sure that Mr. A and I would not be able to be mature enough for such a class!

  3. I really like the cupcake one but I'm a huge foodie and think it's super cute. I agree with the other ladies. Bring both and then you can play dress up before you take her home! It's a win-win really!

  4. Cupcake all the way. Ella has the same and we LOVE it! <3

  5. Yeah, think I'd be voting cupcake, but I also can't even decide what I'm ordering at a restaurant until the second the waitress says, "And for you?", I'd bring em both.

  6. You guys are totally right. I'm bringing both of them. And some others. And a few on top of that. Just in case.

  7. No! Not cupcake! Monkey! Someone with AMAZING taste picked that one out. (ahem... ME!)

  8. I vote cupcake! I love seeing girls in something other than pink!

  9. I'm sure I would have been laughing too. Cause we are adults like that!!! lol

  10. I'm sure I would have been laughing too. Cause we are adults like that!!! lol


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