Friday, November 26, 2010

Your holiday gift guide - a Barnes & Nobles Nook

This week's awesome holiday gift is the Barnes & Nobles Nook.

I got mine for my birthday this year.  I'm sure this is going to come as a shocker to everyone, but I did spend quiet a bit of time doing my research and looking up reviews.  So here is why I chose the Nook.

First off, it's a Digital Reader which means that it's a small computer-looking thingy where you can download books, magazines, etc and read them.  The best part is that it's wicked light and small - letting you take it anywhere.  I'm the kind of gal that packs about 3-4 books with me when we go on vacations on top of about 10 magazines for the flight.  A digital reader can hold all that in a tiny lightweight little screen.  If you like to read, you should definitely invest in one.

Now here is the reason that I chose the Nook over any other digital reader:
  • Barnes & Nobles digital books are super cheap.  I've yet to pay more than $10 for any one of them.  Obviously, the books that are in higher demand are probably more expensive, but you can definitely find some amazing deals.  B&N also has free books every week that you can download.
  • My local library supports the B&N Nook.  This means that I can go online any time and download free books from my library to my Nook.  If you take advantage of your local library (and you should!) check to see which e-readers it will support.  Most of them will support the Sony e-reader as well as the Nook.
  • B&N has e-lend.  This means that if you have friends who also have the Nook and the digital book you purchased is available for e-lending, you can share them with your friends at no cost!
  • B&N Nook has Wi-fi, games, internet browser, and so much more.  You can play some music with the built-in MP3 player while reading, play Sudoku, look up words that you don't understand, hi-light (especially if you are using it to read textbooks).  All in one little itty bitty cutie e-reader. 
These are some draw backs to the e-readers in general, as well as the Nook:
  • You have to get used to "turning the pages".  There is a weird delay.  Apparently it's there on purpose but I don't buy it.  In any case, after reading for about 2 minutes, you don't notice it.
  • There is no back light.  This is definitely on purpose because I guess it's bad for your eyes.  But sometimes I wish it would just light up.
  • There is a limit on the number of books you can hold at a time.  I haven't reached it yet.  But I know there is one.
So those are some of the things that led me to the Nook.  And I haven't looked back.  I just love it.

If you like to use your iPhone or other data phones to read books, there is a Nook app for your phone!  ps- I just figured this out today.

So if you're looking for a gift for someone who loves to read, travel, or has it all (except for an e-reader), this could be the gift for you!

I'd also recommend some of these accessories:

Wicked awesome cover for the Nook that's totally classy looking.

Totally cute cover for those who are looking for a little more flare.

For the night owls.  Like me.  I don't have one yet.
 *Hint hint*

For the traveler.

Don't forget to check out this and other gift ideas on my Holiday Gift Guide.


  1. I was just hinting at a Nook or Kindle to the hubby today!

  2. My mother in law wanted to get me one for Christmas, but I like the feel of real books. Of course my bookshelves are running over and a Nook would be a very good idea! I'm sure it would take some getting use to not having a real book. Who knows maybe one day.


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