Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Nursery completed

The Nursery is totally finished and now that it's been unveiled at our shower, I'm ready to share the rest of it with you!

The door
Welcome to Addi's room.  We got this picture at an Art show in Maine - it's a cut out on paper.  So cute.

View from the door
Here is one half of the room completed - finished with the light-blocking energy-efficient pink curtains and the Ikea toy hangy-thingy (that's the official term. Look it up).  In the corner is also our Diaper Genie.  We got it at the shower - Jon already tried to use it.  It's kind of super cool.

In the crib
Here are some of the toys Addi got - I love them.  And I love monkeys.

In the crib
Did I mention that I love monkeys?  It started pretty much the day I got pregnant.  I have no idea what brought it on but it's spread.

The changing table
I love her little changing table too - along with all the fun stuff we got for it like the wipe warmer.

Addi's toys
And these guys.  How cute are these guys?

Addi's toys
This is the first one with her name on it!  Thanks Kerry! We love it!

View from the crib
This is the other side.

Reading corner
We bought the bookshelves at Target and got this rocking chair as a gift from Jon's grandparents from Babies R Us.  It's even more comfortable than it looks.

Shadow boxes
We added shadow boxes to settle my need to put up about 5 million picture frames.  These are empty for now since we don't have any pictures of Addi just yet (aside from some ulrasounds).  But don't be worried - we'll have pictures in them pretty much the moment she's born.

THE chair

And the super comfy chair.  Jon and I go in and sit in it once or twice every day.  Did I ever tell you that when I imagined having kids as a kid and grown up, I always imagined myself rocking our baby to sleep in a white rocking chair?  It's one of those weird things.  On top is a blanket that a coworker of ours made for Addi.  Made.  Herself.  I find this to be amazing.

Collage board
Above the shelves is a collage board to put up some more pictures and other memorabilia.  Because I'm a scrapbooker and that's what I do.  I found this at Target as well.

First picture
This is Addi's first picture in the collage.  Our friends, the ones that just got married, went to Aruba for their honeymoon.  They decided to stay at a hotel that was just a couple of buildings away from Divi All Inclusive - the hotel that Jon and I stayed at for our honeymoon 3+ years ago.  One of the gifts they bought Addi is a super cute Aruba onesie - and here they are, posing in front of Divi with it.  How freakin' sweet and thoughtful is that?  So cute.

This was empty just days ago.  Well, not totally empty but pretty close.  Now, it's full.  With super duper cute clothes.  I love them all.

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