Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 years is a long time

Today marks exactly 5 years since the day 8 of us started at our company, Sightlines.

5 years ago today, 8 barely-out-of-college "kids" got together for the first time to begin our "adult" lives.  Today we are all miles (some figuratively, others physically as well) away from where we started.  I'm going to spare everyone from detailed flash backs, but some of you cannot escape.  One today and more to follow this week.

The day I met you no one would have guessed that we would be best friends.  The summer of 2005 you and Nate (you can read about Nate here so I spare him my flashbacks) met Jon and I at a CVS parking lot so we could direct you back to our apartment for a little get together Jon and I planned a couple of nights before our first day at work. 
First get together 2 days before 1st day at work
 After that night, there were countless number of times when we got together and learned more and more about each other.
My Bachelorette Party

You've been there through thick and thin, through the best times and some of the toughest times of my life.
My Wedding day

We've learned that we share more than just our work lives.  Our love for scrap booking, dogs, working out - you name it, we probably have it in common.
Janice's apartment 2008

I can't believe it's been 5 years my dear friend.

Our Vacation 2010

Now, could you do me a favor and move your happy ass back to CT please so we could live next door to each other and raise our non-existent children together?  I'd appreciate it.


  1. I second the moving Laura's ass back to CT part!

  2. Don't forget the best part about meeting Laura...meeting me! LOL : P

  3. Aw... I'm first!! I'm tearing up... and working very hard on that whole "moving my ass back to CT"!! :)


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