Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm too sexy for my mohawk

A little while ago I posted about what a gremlin looks like in a bath tub - you can see it again here.

This time I give you the Diva.

The Diva is the one in black and brown, not the one in green.  Although I guess that all depends on what day of the week it is.  Just joshing Jonny boy.

I'm talking about this little guy here.

He's not a fan of bath times either, but mostly because he feels that he is abused while in the tub.

He looks all big and furry here.

But add a bit of water.

And he shrinks in size.

He's not a huge fan of getting soaked, but he's an even less of a fan of being made fun of.

He knows what's coming.

A pterodactyl?

Or a rebel without a cause?
Perhaps a Divo?

Or just a really wet Yorkshire Terrier?

With really nice bellbottoms.

I thought these went out of style, but I guess the Divo thinks otherwise.

Alright, alright. That's enough.

Squish-monster has had enough.  He doesn't like being made fun of.

Because very pretty girls don't like being teased.


  1. OMG Travis' bellbottoms are the funniest thing EVER!

  2. The bellbottoms are awesome!!! Hahahahaha! I love your fur babies :-)

  3. I am personally a fan of the Guiness on the bathroom counter... nothing like a nice cold drink while giving a bath to the dog.

  4. Those are the CUTEST pictures. I love the Mohawk!

  5. Your Yorkie looks a lot like one of mine!


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