Friday, June 18, 2010

The fabulous 8

As I mentioned before, this week marked the 5 year anniversary for 8 Sightlines employees, including me.  You can catch up here.

Throughout the years we have all become close as we ventured into adulthood.  4/8 are now married, another engaged.  4 own real estate, 5 of us own dogs.  Many have moved once or more for our jobs.  It's been a long journey for us all.

Janice started in the CT office with Laura, Jon, Ted, Nate, and myself.

Since then she's become one of our closest friends.

Funny story:  years ago, when Jon and I were still very secretive about our relationship, Laura and Nate were under strict guidelines not to tell a soul.  One weekend Jon and I were away and Laura volunteered to walk our monster of a dog for us.  Coincidentally, Laura was on her way to play tennis with Janice, so it was easy for them to swing by and let the pup out.  One thing that we were not prepared for was a visitor, so we didn't "clean out" the apartment from pictures and other paraphernalia that would implicate us and our relationship.  Laura wasn't aware of these details.

Laura and Janice walked into our apartment unaware and from what I heard in details afterward, she was rather surprised by some of the pictures.  I guess I should mention that Janice is one of those innocent, naive, non-suspecting people that just goes with the flow.  So you can imagine her surprise when she saw a picture of Jon and I kissing when she's been part of our lives as "just friends' for over a year.

About 4 months ago Janice and her husband moved to OR to work in one of our offices, leaving us here.  All alone.  I'm sensing a theme to this, don't you?

I have just one more for you guys- but I promise you know him well.  And the others will be spared, if only for a short time.

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  1. Nice! I bet your friends love being the center of your blog :-)


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