Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flashbacks are so fun

I have been reading some blogs lately the feature pictures from their past and it got me thinking about mine.  I love looking back at the past - makes me laugh and often be thankful for my present and looking forward to the future.

So join me as we take a stroll through my memories of the younger days.  I do not promise that it will be pretty, but it will be entertaining.

This is a picture of my sister and me.  We were playing dress up.  We used to always play dress up with my grandmother's scarves.  I have no idea what was so exciting about them, but we spent hours entertaining ourselves at her house.  We used to also build forts from her couch cushions.  What's with children and their imaginations?

Me and my prom date.  This wasn't actually my prom; it was his senior prom.  I was still a junior.  At the end of the night we decided to go to the school-sponsored after-party (I was a straight edge and then some).  Anyways, right when we got there we saw a huge bouncy castle and decided to give it a try.  My prom date got in first and bounced twice before he took his own knee to his own nose.  When he landed back on the bouncy floor, it took about 3 seconds for me to realize that he had broken his nose.  We spent the rest of our prom at the emergency room.

My oh my this brings back memories.  This was around Christmas timeI spent a lot of Christmases with my friend Kerry because my family did not celebrate Christmas on the same dates (we go by the old calendar).  For whatever reason, my friend Darren's family was also there.  I think we all thought it would be funny to take a pic on the stairs-  Kerry, D, me; Kerry's brothers who are twins: Jason and Jeff, my sister, and D's brother Jason.  D, Kerry and I were in the same grade in High School, while Lana, Jeff, Jason, and Jason were also the same age.  I miss these days.

My two best friends on one of our summer breaks during college.  This night we caught up on our college days at one of the local DD and this crazy girl started picking on us.  We didn't seem to understand why, which only made her angrier until she eventually threw her ice coffee all over my car.  Drove me nuts!

 My roomy Heath-bar and our friend Elissa in college.  I went to a Massachusetts state school and was placed in a quad with 3 Jersey chicks.  What are the chances?  Elissa might as well have been one of our roommates - she was Heath's friend from back home and therefore also from Jersey.  I was surrounded by Jersey chicks!  Heather's getting married this year - I can't wait!  I loved these gals.


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