Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bath time

Because I believe that every child should be publicly embarrassed on the internet, here is Peanut's first bath time.

Important note: there will be no nudity as this is a child-friendly site.

Getting the bathtub ready

By the way, this is the best stuff ever.  The Mustela shampoo and lotion smell amazing.  My bestie, Inna, recommended it and we adore it. It makes Peanut smell good enough to eat.

Another important note: no newborns were eaten during the making of this post.

At first, Peanut wasn't sure what to think of this whole wet tub ordeal.

But she came around soon enough.

Having monkeys around helps.

However, there is a part of bath time that Addi does not enjoy.

Towel time.

No amount of monkeys seems to fix that.

I guess it's just one thing that we'll have to work on.


  1. so glad i get my peanut fix tonight!

  2. I love her dark hair. I want to cuddle and kiss and....wait since we don't know each other besides bloggy land I should just say she's super sweet. Cause a stranger wanting to cuddle and kiss your cutie pie might be weird. lol

  3. What a horribly mean way to make sure she's awake! ;) Adorable.

  4. So cute!! Love the monkey towel! It would definitely make me feel better. I'm sure she'll come around soon enough!


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