Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five - Baby things I couldn't live without

Ok, I could probably live without every single one of these, but I wouldn't want to!

I've decided to bring the Friday Five back.  I will also post a link up at the bottom so if you care to join me in the Friday Five, link up!  I love reading your posts!

Back to the matter at hand.

PS- I really need to redo my buttons, logos, and header.  So many things, so little time.

Apparently I get distracted easily.

Back to the Friday Five - Baby things I couldn't live without.

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since our little Peepee was born and these 5 things have made our lives so easy!

1. The Bob Revolution Stroller

Jon and I spent endless days and nights trying to decide on a stroller and after all the research and changing our minds at least 5,000 times, we settled on the Bob Revolution Stroller.  I am so freakin' happy with it!  It's amazing!  The Bob is a jogging stroller and I was worried that I wouldn't use it for day to day activities, but I do!  When it reaches 40 degrees here, I take the baby and our dogs out for a walk and the stroller is amazing.  It goes through snow and sand and anything else without any problem and without ruining the wheels.  Then today I ventured out to the outlets and it navigates like butter!  (does butter navigate?)  It's amazing.  Once I'm cleared to start running again (and Peanut is holding her head up great) I can't wait to go out with it!

2. The Swing

My best friend Inna let us borrow a whole bunch of baby things, including this swing.  It's the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing, My Little Lamb swing.  And It's amazing.  Not only is it super duper cute, but it's a life saver.  I can't tell you how many times Addi has been super fussy and I didn't know what to do.  We tried everything - changed her, fed her, played with her, made her warmer, made her colder, held her, rocked her.  Nothing seemed to work and then we put her in the swing.  And she stopped crying.  She just laid there, staring.  Sometimes she likes the swing on to sooth her and other times she enjoys just laying there, staring at who-knows-what.  She's still too young to appreciate all the features like the singing, moving mobile, the many soothing sounds it offers the mirror at the top; but I can already tell that it's going to come in handy.  The swing lets you buckle the baby in which means I can actually take a few steps away during the day to get food/clean up/play with the dogs without worrying that she's going to make an erratic movement and roll off on to the ground.  Another plus for us - it's too tall for the dogs to lick her face!

3. The Bouncer

This one is also borrowed from Inna (Dear Inna- where would we be without you??).  And it's another life saver.  What did our parents do without these toys?  This little guy vibrates (which almost always silences Addi mid-scream) and has an attachment bar that sings, makes soothing sounds, has flashing lights, and fun toys.  She will sit and stare at it for an hour at a time.  But the best thing about this bouncy seat is that you can bring it with you to the bathroom and take a shower when it seems like you'll never have the time or keep the baby upright after she eats while you get something done.  It's also amazing when you want to have dinner together as a family.

4. The Arm's Reach Co-sleeper

This is where Peanut sleeps.  This Arm's Reach Mini Co-sleeper Bassinet attaches to our bed (you don't have to attach it but we're paranoid safety freaks) and lets the little ones sleep in your room safely.  Since I chose to breastfeed Ms. Addison, we find having her nearby makes our life so much easier.  Plus I'm a little paranoid and want to keep an eye on her in these early weeks.  On the plus side, this will make a perfect bed away from home when she's old enough to spend a night away from home.

5.  The Sleep Sheep

Umm hello baby whisperer.  The Sleep Sheep (ours is the Travel one) has four soothing sounds (something about oceans and white noise) that put the baby to sleep almost instantly.  It reminds them of the womb.  But let's not beat around the bush here and face the facts, kids.  Jon and I can't fall asleep without it anymore.  I can't tell you how many times the timer (there are different timer options) has run out and Peanut was asleep but Jon and I turned it back on because we needed it.

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  1. haha I am the same way with Joshua's sound machine... his is not NEARLY as cute as that sheep thought!

  2. I love your Friday 5! How does linking up work? Sorry, I'm new to this : ) thanks!

  3. What a great idea for a blog entry, have been inspired to do one of my own!

  4. Oh my goodness, I totally got hooked on the Sleep Sheep too! Bubba would only calm down to the heartbeat sound, which I thought was creepy, but after a couple of weeks I started to find it was putting me to sleep too!

    Does the front wheel on your BOB swivel? Or is there just a learning curve to steering this thing?

  5. I love your Friday 5! How does linking up work? Sorry, I'm new to this : ) thanks!


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