Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Blog Feature: Katy's Neverending Story

Like many of my favorite blogs, I found Katy's blog from a couple of comments she left.  Katy's funny and entertaining to say the least.  But I'll let her speak for herself.

Who are you:  Katy, aka semi-new Newlywed, aka Southern transplant to NYC.  I've been married 8 months to Mr. A, who works in television production.  

Why did you start blogging:  Originally, I was in the process of trying to lose weight, so blogging became a great accountability tool.  Later, getting engaged, married and moving to a new state turned the blog into more of a daily account of our lives.  I really always thought only my mom was reading this, but it turns out blogging has made me some wonderful internet buddies!

Describe your perfect Valentines Day: Wow.  I guess I should be all "NYC cosmopolitan" and say that dinner at some swanky place followed by a night out at some hot new club would be great, but in reality, the thought of a quiet dinner at home really gets me excited!  I'm such a homebody!!!
And the guest post: 

My Valentine’s Day Dog (and why I need another one)

This will be the first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, and let me tell you, I have high expectations.  Mr. A is an excellent holiday celebrator.

Take for instance, our first V-Day together.  We had only been dating maybe a month so we were in that awkward “I don’t want to get you something really nice because we’ve only been dating a month, but I feel like I do need to do something special for you because even though we’ve only been dating for a month, I really like you a lot” phase.  I completely freaked out with my gift (I often do when faced with pressure of what to get people- I really am not a good gift giver, but that’s a story for another blog).  I got him some red pajama pants with hearts on them.  So cliché, but I couldn’t handle the pressure.

Mr. A, on the other hand, got me the perfect gift:

Yes, he got me a DOG!  A cute rescue dog who was quiet, easygoing…. And who ran away 3 weeks later in the middle of a huge thunderstorm.  We searched everywhere, put up fliers, but our first baby was never to be seen again.

Sad story, right?  Yes it was, and lamenting over my lost dog is definitely a story for another blog, but for now, I’m keeping with the Valentine’s theme.

A dog was a perfect gift for me.  Sweet and loving, without wasting $$ on flowers that will just die in a week, I loved Mr. Bak (that was the dog’s name).  And now, that’s why, I think (4 years later), ahem, hint hint, that this should be the year of another dog for Valentine’s.

It’s our first Valentine’s as newlyweds, so the significance of giving the same gift that he gave when we were dating is just sweetly sentimental to me.  Also, it will give me someone to love on when Mr. A endures his extra-long hours at work.  Finally, it’s a dog.  Seriously, what could be more perfect?!?!

Someone like this:

Or this:

Or maybe even a larger version, like this:

Oh wait, did I forget to mention that we live in a 4th floor walkup- not exactly pet friendly.  Oh yeah, and didn’t our lease say something about no pets?

So maybe this isn’t exactly the same as that first Valentine’s.  But a stuffed dog is better than no dog at all, right?

Check out Katy's blog at Katy's Neverending Story.


  1. Ha! Love ya, Katy! You definitely deserve the stuffed puppy!

  2. Yay! I love Katy!! Lets plan a girls trip to go visit her in the big apple! wahoooo!!!

  3. I heart Katy! Love the post - wonder whatever happened to poor Bak...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I heart Katy! Love the post - wonder whatever happened to poor Bak...

  6. Were u get the stuffed large dog?


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