Monday, October 25, 2010

28 week belly and finished furniture

I know you were all eagerly awaiting to see our bedding and the complete furniture pictures, so we'll start there.

Crib with bedding
This is the crib.  I wanted something classic-looking and I just adore this Graco Charleston crib.

I love monkeys!
I also found the bedding on a few months ago.  We knew we were having a girl and I adore monkeys so this fit in so well!  It's the Boutique Animal Kingdom bedding set.  And we bought the Sealy Baby Ultra Rest mattress after reading a whole bunch of reviews and talking to some friends.

Bedding and toys

I couldn't help myself when I saw the adorable little monkey faces!  It was a 13 piece set and we had to get the lamp shade and mobile separately.

Baby room view from the door
We also dug up an old lamp from our basement and spray painted it pink.  It fits in so well!

For a changing table we wanted something that would match, but would also stay in the room after she is out of diapers.  I love this South Shore changing table in white.  And if you know me, you know how I love baskets so obviously, it needed a spot for some baskets.  (Laura and Janice, if you're reading this, these are the baskets and laundry basket that you guys got us for our wedding!).

So that's it so far.  This weekend we got the decals I ordered on Etsy so stay tuned!

And now, belly pics.

28 Weeks
 Hello 3rd trimester.

28 Weeks
 So Peanut is now the size of a small cabbage or about 17 inches and 2.9 lbs.
28 Weeks
 She's kicking up a storm and I'm loving every single moment of it!
28 Weeks
 It actually hasn't been so bad.  She tends to sleep when I sleep and wake up while I'm up.
28 Weeks
The only time that it's slightly inconvenient is when she sticks her cute little foot into my ribs in a meeting and I try to sit through it without cringing too much.  But I'll forgive her...cuz she's so cute :)


  1. I LOVE the crib, bedding and changing table you picked out...absolutely adorable. YAY 3rd trimester! You are on the home stretch and you still look radiant. I'm so happy for you guys :)

  2. The nursery looks GREAT and so does your cute little bump!!

  3. LOVE that nursery! It looks great and you have the cutest baby bump EVER!

  4. The nursery looks so sweet! And you're right, that crib is a real classic.

  5. Oh my goodness - I love it all! Especially the monkeys. So so cute!

  6. Ah, baskets... the gift that keeps on giving! :)

  7. my baskets made the baby room!!! yesssssss!!!! :-) maybe my birthday will too!

  8. LOVE that nursery! It looks great and you have the cutest baby bump EVER!


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