Friday, October 22, 2010

Heather & Jeff's wedding - continued

Let me tell you a story from my college years.

Heather and Jeff's first dance

Sometime around the end of our first semester at college, Jackie (a dorm mate) and I decided to be daring and get our faces pierced.

First dance

Heather, the amazing and supportive friend that she is, decided to come along with us.  You know, to keep us company.  And to hold my hand.

The Bride with her dad - melt my heart
When we arrived at the tattoo/piercing parlor, Jackie and I picked our rings; hers - a small stud for her nose; mine - a dumbbell for my eye brow.

Bride & Groom at their table
A fierce-looking, tattooed and pierced head-to-toe girl came up to us and escorted us to the back room to get us ready.

Change of dress? Why, of course!
Jackie's nose-piercing took absolutely no time and, apparently, no pain.  I braced for mine.

Cutting the cake
Heather stood by my side and held my hand.  When the girl got ready to pierce my face, Heather squeezed my fingers hard and said "O-M-G-K-A-T!"

Awwww cuteness
The girl looked up at us and said, "Oh - is that some sort of a secret language?"

Heather and I just giggled and said, "No, it's A-I-M!"

Of course, my parents threatened to disown me, told me to never come home again and I had to take my eye brow ring about 2 weeks after I got it.  But you know.  It was still 2 weeks of rebellion on my part.

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  1. HAHA!! REBEL!! That's so funny :) My husband still has a scar in his lip from his piercing. It's a bright and bold scar to show everyone he didn't always wearing collared shirts and drive a Dodge Neon. The bride and groom look so happy (and she is gorgeous!!)


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