Monday, October 4, 2010

Addi's future husband

Remember this guy?

Baby Michael at 2 weeks
 Well, can you imagine that he now looks like this?

This little guy here is growing up to be a rather good-lookin' fella.

Which is a very good thing since he is promised to our future child.

Currently, Baby Michael is making googly faces at some cheeky little lady in his daycare, but I'm not too bothered by it.

The man should explore all his options before he realizes just how perfect his future bride is.

You know, it's important to check out the competition a bit in order to appreciate the best.

Besides, Addison and Michael will both have to fall in love naturally (while prodded and prompted by their adoring parents).

They'll see each other here and there as children, run into one another at parties in their teens, and then realize they're meant to be together when they go to college.

Then, after college, while they're both out getting their masters and/or PhD's, they will get married.

And have beautiful children.

Now if only his parents would agree to keep King as their last name...but I'm working on it.


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