Saturday, October 30, 2010

Etsy monkey decal review

Jon and I are very excited about our baby's nursery since it's our first baby and...well...we're easily amused.  Ever since I got pregnant, I've been on this monkey kick.  I love monkey everything for the baby!

Naturally, our nursery will have a monkey theme.

Once our friends found out, I got lots and lots of awesome links to cool monkey things and one of my favorites were the decals from Etsy.  Here are the two we ended up getting:

Monkeys on a Branch (XL) from XpressionsThatStick

And Personalized initials by ToodlesdesignStudio

I was so excited when they came, I could barely contain myself.  Unfortunately, you have to wait about 2-3 days for the decals to straighten out before you can put them on your wall.  Did I mention that patience is not a virtue I possess?

In any case, the 2-3 days came and went and Jon and I excitedly put our decals up!

We decided to start with the name one first.

Here's my take on this one.  First of all, we chose to paint our walls with a semi-gloss paint which is super easy to clean.  This also means it is super hard to get things to stick on there.

Let me start by saying that we absolutely love the decals.  They were beautiful and exactly what we wanted.

But putting them on the wall was a pain.  A huge pain.  They kept coming off the wall and onto the clear backing paper.  Jon and I spent almost an hour putting these guys up.

But the result made it worth it.

Now on to the monkeys on the branch.  I think this one was our favorite.  We've been eyeiing it for about 6 months.

We finally decided to go ahead and buy it - in extra large.  It was huge! And so awesome!

But after spending an hour putting up the smaller letter decal, Jon and I were nervous.  We prepared for the worst.  And you know what?  This decal took about 10 minutes to put up! It was super easy!  The backing paper this company used was different.  It came right off the paper and stuck on our walls!  We were amazed Speechless, even!

And who can argue with this result?

I just love these monkeys!

That's the finished product.  We're still trying to decide what to do on the other side of the room, but at least this side is complete!

Oh, and the name decal came with some leaves that happen to match our paint color exactly!  So we used them on the closet doors.  I think it actually made it even cuter!

What do you think?


  1. Your baby's nursery should be in a magazine... you guys have done a great job making it ADORABLE!! I bet you are so excited! We love the name you have chosen and can't wait to hear about her arrival. You have a great blog and I love the pictures. Thanks for posting them. I'm actually going to try some of your delicious recipes. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Love, Jennifer

  2. I love it. I agree - you should totally take photos during the day and submit them to Ohdeehdoh. It's super cute.

  3. The room is guys did a great job! It looks like everything is done now and we're just waiting for Addison to arrive! Can't wait! gigi

  4. I love using decals. I have a die-cut machine that I got with some big roles of vyn. to make my own. Your rooms is turning out adorable.

  5. That's awesome! You guys did such a nice job and I love the monkey theme!

  6. Yeah, late to the party, but so cute!

  7. Those are beyond cute!!! And probably easier than painting the entire room...I need to look into those!!

  8. I love the colors and the theme! Too cute! :)


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