Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five - Recipes from the past

I'm currently babysitting for an insanely adorable little girl and between all the fun games, watching Elmo, and rocking her to sleep, I didn't get a chance to spend too much time coming up with a post.  So instead I am treating you to my fav five recipes from the past.  You're welcome, my friends. 

1. One of my all-time favorite recipes are the Russian Vareniki.

These are kind of like Polish Perogis, but with slightly different dough.  You can stuff them with anything from mashed potatoes to onions and beef to even sweet cherries (yes, they are amazing in case you are wondering).
This is also one of my first recipes that I posted on my blog. *sniffle* They just grow up so fast.

2.  I don't think I could ever do a top five recipe without mentioning Cream Cheese Brownies.
These chocolate goodness offset with delicious creamy middles make you drool just by looking at the recipe.

Okay.  There is a small chance that's just me.

3. Now let's discuss tomatoes.
It's the end of gardening season (do you want to come over and clean up my garden by chance?  There might be some tomatoes in there for you.  Nothing? Come onnnnn!!!!) and I know you're just dying to know what to do with all those left over soft tomatoes.
Bruchetta, my dear friends.  That is what you do with them.  Even better, Kerry's Bruschetta with goat cheese.  On crackers.  Or yummy french baguette.  Now excuse me please.  I have to go wipe my mouth.

4.  Since it's Fall, I think it would be unfair if I didn't mention my easy go-to meal that makes you all warm and cozy inside.
I'm not a big soup person so I prefer lasagna.  Especially with no-cook noodles.  Yum!

And the best part is that it freezes easily and recooks to perfection.  I had a piece for lunch today from my freezer.  It was my last piece.  I don't know what to do (except the obvious - make more lasagna).

5.  To cap this post off, I have to mention Pelmeni.
This has to be one of the most time-consuming, patient-testing activity that you will ever participate in.  But, oh my dearest of buddies, it is sooo worth it.

Check out these and more on Eating Like the Kings

Okay. Your turn.  What are your favorite recipes?  Please include links if possible.  I just hate seeing what sounds like a delicious meal and then spending all day searching for the perfect recipe that fits.  So please.  Don't tease me.


  1. Well, I just recently posted my Grandmother's awesome spaghetti sauce recipe. It's very meaty and hearty and yummy.

    This is one of my favorite lunch staples, Ham and Brie Quesadilla! YUMM!

    And, since my husband is a meat guy, he loves his BBQ. This is the easiest pulled pork EVER! And deliciously tender also!

    And, btw, I've been drooling over your Gladkov Apple Pie now for a while and really can't wait to make it. It looks delicious! Unfortunately my husband hates fruit in desserts so I can't have an entire dessert around the house that only I will eat! So it's on the list for the next get-together!

  2. Yum, yum, yum! Those look GREAT!
    I will have to start posting recipes- what a great way to get new food on my table!

  3. Wow! Looks wonderful!!!

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    Tips 4 Green

  4. Hi I am Nicole from I found you on a blog hop and wanted to drop by and say hi. I really like your blog, and am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance.

  5. Fun post! I have a couple for you - Have you ever eaten a train wreck?...

    Or wondered what rednecks eat?...

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment!!:)

  6. Hearty lasagna ( and pumpkin oatmeal cookies ( = YUM!

  7. Hearty lasagna ( and pumpkin oatmeal cookies ( = YUM!

  8. Wow! Looks wonderful!!!

    I am a new follower. Please come visit me at
    Tips 4 Green


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