Friday, October 1, 2010


It's finally Fall, which means that it's the end of gardening season.  Check out our September goodies:

Isn't it amazing?  We only had 3 that survived this year, but I was still pretty excited since I absolutely adore watermelon.

Couple new tricks that we learned this summer:
  • You can reduce weeds (and therefore weeding - YUCK YUCK YUCK) by putting down cuttings from your lawn mower instead of mulch in your garden. PLUS it puts some of those much-needed nutrients back into the soil.  Yes, my friends.  It's true.
  • Tomatoes grow twice as strong and produce even more delicious tomatoes if you bury part of the bottom of the stem about 10-15 days after you put the plant in the ground.  Just gently bend your plant down, cover the bottom of it with soil, then make sure it's standing back up.  It sprouts more roots, making the plant stronger and thicker.  It is totally awesome.
Got any tips or tricks to share from your gardening season?

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