Saturday, December 25, 2010

Belly Update - 37 Weeks

Merry Christmas everyone (who celebrates Christmas)!

Jon and I made out like bandits this year and I have about a gazillion pictures and recipes to post for you, but I'll start with a Belly update.  Today marks 37 weeks or official "full-term" for P-nizzle.

Not too much has changed since Week 36 except I, somehow, keep growing!  Honestly, at this point I didn't think it would be possible, but now that I look at the pictures, belly continues to get bigger and bigger.  It's a miracle I don't fall over when I walk!

On a slightly different note, all my "buddies" on the What To Expect discussion board that are due in January seem to be going into labor or having their babies!  I'm a little jealous since I'm dying to meet our little Peanut.

Anyone want to start taking bets on when Peanut will be here?


  1. Almost there!!! I'm going to go with you'll have a baby for my birthday...January 4th. Happy birthday to me! (, as it would be a smidge early) ;)

  2. You look gorgeous :) Love you!

  3. Hi there,Im now following you from Making Friends Monday Blog Hop..Id love if you could follow back

  4. OMgoodness, you look about done!!

    Out for a little hopping, following you now. Hope you'll come by when you get a chnace.


  5. "Not too much has changed since Week 36 except I, somehow, keep growing!"

    O. M. G! I totally know how you feel. I can't believe that it's possible to get even bigger. I don't know where I'll put her if she grows too much more! ;-) I can't believe it's almost time. I can't wait to meet her and I'm sure you feel the same!

  6. You look adorable!!! Congrats!! Am blog hopping and am a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  7. Get out of here with that tiny belly! It is too cute! I looked like a horse by the time I was 37 weeks...with both!


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