Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Holiday Gift Guide - the Cricut

We're getting close to Christmas time!  And you know what that means - PRESENTS!

I'll prelude this by saying that if you're not a scrapbooker, you might want to skip the rest of this and just go straight to the Holiday Shopping List.

But if you are or if someone on your shopping list is, read on.

Today we'll be talking about the Cricut.

This here marvelous piece of machinery is a personal electronic cutter.

Basically, you can buy different cartridges and plug them in to the machine to cut out whatever you desire - shapes, letters, animals, snowflakes.  You name it, it does it.

It's addictive.  Imagine never having to go buy any more letters, little squiggles, envelopes, cards, or even Christmas tags.  Plus you get to choose whatever paper you want!

Some cons is that it takes a while to cut out shapes or letters and even longer if you want to be creative and layer things.  It has all the capabilities like shadow cuts and other creative options, but it takes a while to glue itty bitty little shapes and letters on top of one another.  You also have to buy various cartridges and other supplies to make things work well.  The blades seems to last forever, but the mats lose their stickiness pretty quick if you're a heavy user.  There's all sorts of stats on how long each will last in the descriptions so feel free to snoop around.

If you have the Cricut or know someone who does, there are always cartridges and other accessories you can get.  It's so much fun to try out the new shapes!

Here's a list of some awesome accessories:

And some of my favorite cartridges:

I could probably go on forever on the cartridges.  For a full listing and a video about the Cricut, check out their website:

For other gift ideas, check out my Holiday Shopping List.

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  1. Maybe I should add this to my wish list as motivation to start scrapbooking again!


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