Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dancing with a pregnant chick

The day after Thanksgiving we celebrated Jon's mom's 39th (wink wink) birthday in Boston.  My sister-in-law found an awesome Odyssey dinner cruise and we decided to surprise their mom with it.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Side note: please excuse the camera quality.  I swear, I'm going to stop listening to the Grinch and start bringing my DSLR everywhere I go.

It was great to spend some time with the family (and Evan) and eat some delicious food without having to do any dishes.

I think Jon's mom had a good time as well.  Not that you can tell from these photos.

That's a good thing since 39th birthday only comes once a year for many years.

But that's not what this is about.  This is about the husband and I.  And dancing.

When we first got together, Jon and I loved getting close and dancing.  There is nothing like being swayed around on the dance floor by your significant other that makes you feel super close and lucky to be together.

When we first got pregnant, Jon and I snuggled just a little closer for that extra touch of intimacy.  We were so excited about the baby and starting a new chapter in our lives.

But now, with an 8 months prenant belly in the way, it looks more like this.

Anyone else notice the Grinch inching further and further away?  I am starting to think that I smell or something.  I guess I should consider myself lucky that he's still willing to spin me around the dance floor regardless of how funny it may look.

On another side note, I'll have to explain the Grinch comments some other time.


  1. Haha! Reminds me of when my friend's parents did a demonstration for us of what middle schoolers at a dance look like!

  2. It's funny you are talking about this because I've been complaining to my husband that I miss our old hugs. Not to get too graphic, but I love feeling our bodies touch when we hug, with our legs and torsos and chests all cuddled together. Now it's like he hugs my upper body and then his butt and legs have to poke out to make room for the belly! ;-)

    So every now and then he'll kind of squat and try to bend around the belly and it's so nice to feel like he's giving me a real hug again! I'm such a dork!

  3. Funny because I've been calling Nick a Grinch for not letting me listen to Christmas music. But today is the first day of December, so all deals are off! Side note: You always look so darn cute in your maternity clothes!

  4. You look amazing - seriously. I wish I could look as graceful as you when I'm pregnant!!! I much more closely resemble the ogre version of Fiona!! haha :)

    My husband tries to hug me and act as if the belly isn't there but we are always reminded quickly!

  5. My hubby is the same way, never wanting me to bring my DSLR places! Every time I listen to him I end up regretting it...So I have stopped listening to him!!

  6. Very cute. Your glowing :)


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