Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom jewelry

I know this is bragging but we have some of the best family, friends and co-workers in the world.  We've been getting non-stop presents for Addison since before she was even born!

From cutesy fluffy blankets to the best outfits I've ever seen, everything we've received has blown our minds and made us feel incredibly grateful.

But there are 2 gifts I just have to share with you because I think you should go out and buy these this instant.

When we came home, our friends Kari and Mike came over for a drink and to meet baby Addison.  They brought us a gift from one of our co-workers, Sophie.  I've received a lot of precious gifts for baby Addi, but this one was for me (good thing because I was planning on wearing it anyways)!  It's a necklace with the baby's initial and her birthstone.  How thoughtful is that?

I was wearing this necklace every single day since I got it until about 2 weeks ago.  That's around the time that Addison decided that she liked to grab things around my neck and pull them.  Hard.  I was worried that the chain would break so I thought I'd put this away until she gets out of that habit.  I love this necklace and wouldn't want to lose it.

Then my friend Kari got me this.

Seriously, could she be any more thoughtful?  It's a necklace with a teething ring!  Thankfully we don't have to use it yet, but I plan on wearing it every day while the baby is teething.  It's super cute and fun and totally something I would wear anyways.  But now I wouldn't have to worry about breaking it or hurting the baby!

So if you are looking for some creative and unique gifts for that special someone who is a mommy or about to become one, these are my recommendations.


  1. Love that necklace! My MIL got me a Vintage Pearl necklace with both boys names on circles and their birthstones. I love it!

  2. Those are both awesome! You will have to share some pics of you wearing both sometime.

  3. gotta love facebook for helping non-moms find gifts for you crazies with kids ;)

  4. I plan on hinting for a necklace just like that for Mother's Day! :)

  5. Whoa! I NEED that teething necklace!! Joshua LOVES necklaces, loves eating, teething, pulling, twisting, and yanking on them. Where did she find that?

  6. Teething bling? Super cute idea. The other necklace is pretty, too, of course :)

  7. I plan on hinting for a necklace just like that for Mother's Day! :)


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