Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring haircuts - the squirrels

Witness our dogs go from fur monsters to squirrels firsthand.

He does not look happy.

Actually, it takes a few minutes to catch the dogs before we even start with the haircuts.

I think it has something to do with some unfortunate results when I first decided to give the dogs haircuts on my own.

When really this is all Petco's fault.

When Travis was a puppy I paid $45 for him to get the ugliest haircut ever.

Then I went out and bought clippers.  Now I give him horrible haircuts, but at least it's free.

Yes, this is a shopping bag that is full of Travis' hair.  Literally, a full bag.

By the time we got Cailey I was a little better at the whole haircut thing.

So she doesn't hate it as much.

In fact, she'd rather enjoy it.

Except that I do this.

And this.

Sorry Cailey.  You're a trooper.

And the results!

Ah, it's officially spring!


  1. Hey, you did a good job! I clip mine too. Grooming is so expensive, especially when you have two.

  2. travis looks like he wants to murder you. lock your doors at night!

  3. HAHA I love the face he is making at the end... doesn't look pleased!

  4. hahaha so cute. Luckily my dog is a pug and doesn't need up to cut her hair... she barely lets up touch her feet. So she goes to petco so they can deal with her wiggling to trim her claws ha :-P

  5. travis looks like he wants to murder you. lock your doors at night!


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