Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jasmine - continued

Jasmine was a perfect puppy.

She was curious, but never aggressive.

We did all the usual puppy things like get up multiple times during the night, taking turns taking Jasmine outside to make sure that she didn't go potty in the house.

But it was so worth it.  She was our pride and joy.

We never wanted to do anything but lay around and stare at her, watching her every adorable move.

She was unbelievable.  She had our hearts.

We were head-over-hills in love with her.

Not like it was hard to do.  She was the sweetest puppy we had ever met.

And so smart!  She learned most of the basic commands before she was 10 weeks old.

Her amazing personality won us over, while her drooly, snoring jowls had me melting at her adorably humongous paws.

 We couldn't be happier.


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