Monday, March 15, 2010

What your couch says about you

My friend reminded me of something today that I loved about the progression in our relationship.

When Jon and I were roommates who just moved in together, we had two couches and a chair in our living room.

That's the hubs playing his guitar in our living room.  We just moved in together a couple of days before.  Isn't he dreamy?  Now that I see this picture, I honestly have no idea how I didn't know I'd be in love with this boy from day 1.

Although Jon and I knew each other relatively well, we were still very cautious and awkward around one another.  We always gave each other space and spent our time hanging out on our respective couches.  It was kind of cute - I'd walk in to the room and sit down.  Jon would come in, look at me on the couch, and take a seat on the other couch, as far away from me as possible.  It was as if cooties had an approximate radius of 10 feet, but it would be safer for us both if he kept as far away as possible.

This applied to many other areas of our house.  I checked if I smelled, but I was clean.

As time passed and things progressed, Jon decided that perhaps cooties only had a 5 foot radius, so it was okay to come just a little closer.   We occasionally passed each other in the hallway without slamming up against the wall to avoid physical contact.   It was a fun game we played.  A sort of dance.

When Jon and I finally gave in to our feelings and decided we belonged together, we gave up our notion of keeping to our separate couches.  Now when Jon walked into the living room and saw me sitting on the couch, he'd smile and plop his cute butt next to me.  It seemed the more in love we fell, the closer we sat together on the couch

Then we moved to a new place with one bedroom and so, it was only natural, that we kept only one couch in our living room.

We spent most of our time cuddled up on this one couch.

After we got married and moved in to our house, we bought a new couch.  A big couch.

The new couch is amazing.  Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it finally fits our little family of 4.5 (I miss you Jazzy) just fine!

Cailey likes snuggling up among pillows.

Travis keeps to his corner.

Sometimes, we all napped together.

And even now, years after our awkward moments and separate couches, we still snuggle up together.


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