Monday, March 15, 2010

Our first baby!

My girlfriends and I are having our first baby!  Well, technically, my best friend Inna and her husband are having their first baby, but it's also the first baby among my girlfriends, which makes it very exciting.  I can't wait to spoil that little booger.

Anyways, here are some pictures with limited commentary.

Obviously, my friend Kerry is also very excited about our first baby.  She made these insanely delicious and intricate cupcakes.

And she didn't stop there.  And I didn't stop eating pretty much the entire day.

There are even more, but I'm kind of making myself drool here.

I made the cake.  The diaper cake, that is.  You can't really eat it, but it looks pretty.

Here are the lucky parents to be.  They're so cute. And excited. But mostly cute.

Inna's mom made a lot of food.  This is only a small portion of it.  Jon and I are still having leftovers.

Here is the amazing cook herself with her daughter.

Two very excited soon-to-be-ainties.

Taking a quick break from opening presents to pose for my never-ending picture-taking.

Jane, Inna's sister, got a cake.  And I had to drive 5 miles per hour because I was terrified of ruining this amazing piece of art.  We ate it.  It was delicious.

The end.


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