Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New camera

I got my new camera this weekend!  So today, I'll be overwhelming you with pictures of my dogs and, as a special treat, Laura's dog.  They make the best subjects.

 This is Travis and Cailey.  Don't they look so grown up?

This is Mink, Laura's dog.  Hi Stinky Minky.

And this is Mink's nose.  I think he likes the new camera as much as I do.

Then we decided to take a trip to Chatfield Hollow, a local park, for a hike and some better backgrounds for my pictures.

Travis loves having his picture taken.  It was pretty hard to take a picture of anyone else when he was around because he'd always try to jump in the shot.  He's a diva.  Jon calls him Alf. (ps my shadow totally ruined this. I have much to learn).

We met some other dogs and smelled some butts.
Then apparently I took pictures of some dog butts.
If you are wondering where Mink is - he is on a leash.  Mink tried to run away and Laura decided it was safer to keep him on a leash.
"Mom- I promise that I'll never run away again.  Please, just let me go run around with the other puppies?"
Then I made my poor innocent puppies pose.  Because I'm kind of evil.  And because I can.  Aren't they such good listeners?
Then we decided to keep going.
Laura and Stinky Minky took a turn and posed for my new obsession.
Then I made Cailey and Travis pose some more.  Here they are on a rock.  I am playing with camera settings, but I really have no idea what I'm doing.

We got home and I showed Jon the pictures of the dogs on a rock.  Here is what he had to say about it:
Love you too, sweetie.  Now go back and stack some more wood.

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  1. HAHAHAHA Love it!! The photos really came out very nicely. Although I could be a victim of what my photography teacher liked to call "I like it because it's of my dog" syndrome!


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