Sunday, March 28, 2010

Travis the Diva

While I was making the Cream Cheese Brownies, the pups were sitting around, waiting for me to take a break and play with them.

Once I put the brownies in the oven, Travis brought me a toy to play with.

It's that little rope toy that he looks disinterested in.  It's a game we play.  He pretends not to want it until I pick it up.  Then he pounces.  Until this one moment when Cailey pounced faster.

I wasn't expecting this so I didn't change the setting on my camera.  Anyways, Cailey just stole Travis' toy.

Travis doesn't understand how or why this happened.

I don't know if you see it, but he's really upset.  And Travis is kind of a diva, so he does what he does best.  He takes the dramatic route.

This is Travis' dramatic exit.  He will lay down next to what he really wants, letting out an almost silent little whine to let you know he's really upset.

When you do nothing about it, he will lift his head up a bit to make sure that you are paying attention, then put it back down and let out a slightly louder whine.  Just to remind you how upset he really is.

When you still do nothing, he will just let our a very loud sigh.  Drama queen.

And what about Cailey in all this?  Cailey's just calmly chewing her prize.


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