Friday, March 5, 2010

What it's like to be mid-20 and married for over 2 years

So if Jon's family ever decides to read this, I'm sorry for calling you out on this, but you know what you did.

It's true, we're in our mid-20s.  Jon and I were both 26 when this happened.  And yes, we've been married for over 2 years.  But does that mean that every single time that I don't drink, I'm pregnant? Perhaps.  I don't blame them.   Jon and I both always said that we'd have kids young, but 26 is young!  Anyways, I'll give you an example.

Jon's family does a progressive dinner every year.  It's really amazing.  All the families decorate their houses for Christmas and prepare a part of a big dinner, starting with appetizers and ending in dessert.  We all get together at the first house in the afternoon and go from there.  Each house outdoes itself with decorations, inside and out.  There are gorgeous Christmas trees.  We eat, we drink, we talk, we laugh, and we take pictures of the families by their Christmas trees.  It's one of my favorite traditions.

This year we started at Jon's aunt and uncle's house, who just bought a new house.  The house was amazing!  We all got there for 1pm and were eating delicious dip and crackers.  Jon's family popped a bottle of wine open and I considered our long afternoon and evening followed by a 2 hour drive home and decided to skip the first house. I took a diet coke and continued chatting with the ladies, enjoying the afternoon.

We got to the second house late because of a key thing that happened and proceeded to help ourselves to some more delicious food.  The only drinks on the table were beers and soda, so I decided to wait until the 3rd house to get a glass of wine.

I want to note here that Jon, too, had not taken a drink yet.  He, too, decided that it was too early to start drinking at the first house if we wanted to make it home alive.  He, too, decided to skip the second house because he wasn't ready for a drink.

Anyways, we were hanging out when I noticed Jon's look of panic and his eyes darting around the room.  I caught his eyes across the room and he waved me over.  I excused myself from a conversation I was in and walked over to Jon, who was standing with his mom and aunts.  Everyone but Jon was giggling.  Jon looked uncomfortable.

"Kat, please tell my mother that you're not pregnant."

Oh boy.  Here it goes.  I quickly reviewed the day in my head and, yep, I have yet to take a sip of alcohol.  I'm not an alcoholic or anything, but I do tend to drink at family events and pretty much any occasion.  I could see how they would wonder so I stumbled over my words and tried to explain that I wasn't pregnant.  I went through my logic of it being too early, our long drive home, and my preference for a good glass of wine.  They gave me "the look".  Oh boy.

When we got to the third house I was practically running toward the liquor.  I helped grandma pop a bottle of wine open and poured myself a glass.  Jon and I stood in the middle of the room and asked everyone for their attention.  When everyone's curious eyes were on me I guzzled back a glass of wine.  Okay, so maybe I just took a couple of big gulps, but you get the point.  Everyone laughed and agreed to accept the reality that I might not, after all, be pregnant.  Crisis averted.  For now.  And just for the record, I learned my lesson.  From now on I will be drinking as 8am if that's what it takes to keep family and friends from wondering.  I don't want to lead them on.  For now.


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