Monday, March 22, 2010

My dog has gas

This is a serious issue.  I've been googling it all night because I can't take it anymore.

Travis is a little stinker.  And by little stinker I mean that he can clear a room with one fart.  It's disgusting.  I'm considering abandoning him with some innocent stranger who would fall for his devilish good looks.

Sure, he looks good.  Sure, he's a great cuddle bunny.  But beware when cuddling this little monster because he will fart on you and 5 showers won't make you feel clean.

There are times that he will actually fart, wake himself up, smell the air, and jump off the couch to get away from the stench.  Google blames soy.  We're already feeding the dogs corn-free, fake-stuff-free crazy dog food because Bubba is allergic to everything.  Apparently, soy in dog food and dog treats can also cause doggie gas.

I'll be spending the rest of the evening finding new dog food because stink-face is currently farting in my direction.

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  1. Since we went all wet food for Oscar (since that is all he will eat now, fussy dog) he has been farting. AND IT SMELLS! I feel your pain. Last night was horrible. He was farting like every 10 minutes. Might be time to find a new dog food too. What do you feed yours?


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