Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The coolest thing ever

The coolest thing happened to us last Monday night.

Jon and I were sitting around after dinner, watching some Arrested Development, when the dogs started barking their heads off.

Usually, I'd swat at them and tell them to shut it since they bark at the most random things like bikers, trucks, squirrels.  This time though there was a car pulling into our drive way and an older couple got out and started making their way up our walk way.  I jumped up to find out what was up since random people stop by our house rather often to ask for directions, etc.  (I have no idea what it is about our house that is so attractive to people.)  I greeted them at the front steps and asked them if there was something we could do for them, and get this!

They were the original owners of the house!

That's right, some 50-60 years ago this couple found a contractor and paid him to build them a house.

Okay- how freakin' cool is that?  Jon and I literally are sitting here, excited as heck because we both have always wanted something like that to happen!  It's like straight out of a really cool movie!

Anyways, they stopped by on the way to their kids' house who still live in Madison to give us a piece that attached to the fireplace (which is no longer working the way it used to, but we totally want to rebuild).  While here, they walked around inside and outside the house, telling us stories from their past and showing us how different the place used to be.  It was their first house as well and they were happy to hear that we'd made it our first home.

Anything like that happen to you?  If not, would you want it to?


  1. How cool is that?!! I've always wanted to go back to the house I grew up in to see what they've done with it. Maybe I will now! Ha!

  2. I've never had that happen but I've always wanted to go back to some of the homes I grew up in and see what they are like now.

  3. Here from Jenna's! That is so cool! We bought a house that was built in the late 70's complete with shag carpet... we did some major renovations! I would love for the original owners to come see it now!

  4. That has never happened to us but my mom and I did it once to someone else! While in Mystic one day, my mom was showing me all of the places she used to go and we went by her grandparents' old house. The street is now named after them because they had once owned all of the land in that area. We drove by and the person living there now was like "um can I help you?" My mother told him about how she practically grew up there and he invited us in to see what it looks like now. He was so enthralled to hear how the house was originally configured that we've since gone back and brought him copies of old photos!

  5. I love that you guys have either gone back or want to venture back to the ol' homestead. I think when we move away from this place and 50 years go by, I want to come back and see our first home!


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