Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Five: things you probably don't know about Jon

"Jon..." - whiny, needy voice (me).
"Yeah?" - calm, probably not actually paying any attention to me (Jon).
"What should I blog about?" - still whiny (me).
"Me" - I am positive that he is not actually paying any attention (Jon).

So, Mister, here it is.

Five things you probably don't know about Jon (he's the guy I'm married to).

1. He has impeccable hygiene.
It actually amazed me when we first moved in together.  I don't think that he has ever missed a day of his life when he didn't brush his teeth twice, for the full two minutes.  Or skipped a shower.  Or had dirt under his fingernails (after he's had a chance to wash his hands from all the manly work he does.  That's only partially sarcastic). 

2. He talks to his mom every single day.
It's sweet.  Kind of amazing actually.  You know how they say that you can tell what kind of a husband a man will make by looking at his relationship with his mother?  Yeah, I think I won the jackpot on this one.

3. The man hates tomatoes, but loves every single thing made from them.
I don't get this one and it intrigues me.  I quiz him on things he likes that are made from tomatoes all the time.  Like ketchup and tomato sauce.  He loves salsa and any red sauce.  How does this make sense?  On a side note, the first year we decided to plant a garden, Jon and I spent hours picking out things to plant in our small plot.  When we came home we ended up with approximately 32 tomato plants.  I'm going to say that one more time to make sure it sinks in. 32 tomato plants.  Each tomato plant produces dozens of tomatoes.  Of which Jon had none.  Because he doesn't like tomatoes.  Riddle me that one, batman.

4. He likes to nap while having golf on the in background.
It's like a Sunday ritual.  Jon will find himself a nice comfy spot on the couch, turn on golf (in HD, obviously!) and promptly fall asleep.  Me? I don't get it.  Why turn something on to fall asleep to?  Oh, and don't be fooled by this napping creature.  I once tried to walk over and turn off the TV to conserve some energy since the man was obviously asleep, but no.  He woke up immediately, turned golf back on, and fell right back asleep.  He's like a puzzle, this creature.

5. He loves romantic comedies.
It's really a good thing that Jon doesn't actually read my blog because I think I may have to write a lot of retractions.  But seriously.  He does.  If you ask him he will deny it to the grave, but don't be fooled.  We always end up watching a great romantic comedy where I will ooh and ahh at all the cute little moments while Jon just smiles at me.  We'll talk about the movie afterward and he'll tell me how he thought it was cute and really enjoyed this or that bit.  Yet, once we are in the office and someone asks us what we did last night, Jon will mentioned that we saw (insert title here), a romantic comedy, which was (makes gagging face) just sooooooooo girly and corny.  He'll laugh it off with the guys in the area, then walk away, leaving me with my jaw dropped.  I guess it's his way of keeping a manly image.  As my revenge, I wrote this post.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

If you're daring - feel free to share your significant others' dirty little secrets.


  1. 1) My husband talks to his mom almost every day, too, and I think it is so sweet. 2) My husband loves romantic comedies, too, especially of the Matthew McConaughey variety. 3) I think our husbands would get along quite well!

  2. Chris dances while he's eating something he likes. Which is particularly endearing because I do it too, and had never met another person with this weird quirk.

  3. I'm the same way with tomatoes. I hate them with a passion, but will eat tomato sauce, ketchup, etc no problem. My boyfriend calls his parents every Sunday night, 9pm sharp, no matter where we are. Love a man who makes it a priority to talk to his parents!

  4. I'm with him on the tomatoes... sort of. I don't eat them fresh, and if there are chunks of them in something I'll totally pick them out. I do cook and eat canned tomatoes and tomato sauce. I love spaghetti. I don't eat tomato soup or ketchup though. Yuck.


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