Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island

When Jon and I decided to take a trip to Block Island to spend the day together celebrating our 3 year anniversary, everyone around us had advice on what to do and what to see while we were there.

The number one attraction recommended by almost every person who's been there?  Mohegan Bluffs.

Mohegan Bluffs drops 150 feet to a rocky beach below, which leads to some pretty impressive views.

A long wooden stairwell leads the way down to the beach, providing its tourists with a challenge.

Obviously, we rarely say "no" to a challenge (and neither does Peanut).
ps- Gotta love the pedometers! Go Sightlines Walking Challenge!

Jon and I walked the 2.5 miles from the ferry to the South end of the Island and greeted our challenge head on.

But really, who can resist these views?

What we didn't know is that once you reach the "almost" bottom, you are greeted with this:

Umm, okay.  People who told us about the awesome views failed to mention the cliffs we had to climb up and down.

But we're no wimps.

We got down to the beach, played in the water for bit, looked at the stacked rocks, and headed back up the 144 stairs.

Totally worth it!

So if you're ever find yourself looking for a day-trip or a weekend getaway in CT, NY, or RI, take a trip over to Block Island and don't forget to walk, bike or scooter over to the South end of the island and check out Mohegan Bluffs.

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  1. You're brave. There's no way I'd do that; the photo of the stairs killed it for me. I am scared of heights AND stairs. I'm sure that either I will slip and fall, taking out everyone below me, or the person in front of me will.


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