Monday, August 30, 2010

Belly pic update - 20 weeks

It's that time again folks - time for some new belly pics. We took these while we were in Maine this weekend for our friends' wedding and a little get away.

Peanut at 20 weeks
On another note - it's time to paint the room pink!  Well, honestly, we already painted it green and we're not going to paint it pink, but you get the drift.

We're having a baby girl!

Our technician at the 12 week ultrasound already told us that Peanut will be a perfect little baby girl, but we didn't want to get too excited or too set on the gender until the 20 week confirmation.  We got just that today!

Peanut at 20 weeks
We're thrilled! We'd be thrilled if it was a boy too, so I guess it doesn't matter too much.  But we're really excited to know what gender the baby will be.  Especially since now there is nothing Jon can do to stop me from buying up pretty much the entire Babies R Us and Carter's Outlet stores.

Peanut at 20 weeks
And on another note - I double checked with my mom and genetically speaking, it looks like I might slide through this pregnancy stretch-mark-free!  Woo! Thanks mom for awesome genetics.


  1. Hi Kat you asked about the zoo set I used. No I didnt make it. It was Pebbles inc. cardstock stickers and paper. Yes, I have a die cut machine to and it I never use it. LOL. I need too though. LOL.

  2. When did you re-dye the hair? Looks great!

  3. You popped! Your belly is so cute! If you make it out without stretch marks I will be so jealous.

  4. Kat-you look so pretty! :-)


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