Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dogs and bellies

Many have asked me if my dogs started acting any differently since our little Peanut's made itself known.

My first reaction is to say "no".  But then there are little moments here and there.

These moments get me thinking.

That maybe, just maybe, Cailey's been acting just a little more attached and attentive.

Travis on the other hand.

Is either oblivious to the whole thing or totally indifferent.

My vote: indifferent.

Did your dogs act any different when you were pregnant?


  1. We do not have a dog so I don't know, but my rabbit acted differently once our baby was here, LOL. She "thumped" everytime he would cry at night - he drove her nuts!

  2. Same as yours - one was cuddly, and one was indifferent.

  3. I swear that one of our cats (Rosie) knew that I was expecting. She would kind of perch next to my belly as it grew through the months.

  4. Tails has been super snuggly these past few weeks. Does that mean I'm preggers?? EEEKKKSSSS!!! Oh wait he was snuggling with TNT last night so maybe TNT is expecting! ;)

  5. Same as yours - one was cuddly, and one was indifferent.


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