Thursday, August 5, 2010

Butterfly Bushes

When Jon and I first moved in to our house, we decided we needed to give the yard a boost since the previous owners didn't seem to enjoy doing any yard work.  One of our first purchases was a tiny butterfly bush.  Well, today, just 3 years later, the tiny butterfly bush is now humongous and taking over my back yard.

You would not believe how many freakin' butterflies we get though!

They're everywhere! I love it!

They're gorgeous and a little creepy.  I love having them around.

By the way, I was messing around with some of the Pioneer Woman Actions - this picture used to look like that:

Isn't she impressive?


  1. Oh how pretty! We have quite a few butterfly bushes and other plants to attract them, and get quite a few, but no Monarchs yet. I'm jealous!

  2. Those are some really great closeup photos.

  3. I love my butterfly bushes! I have two in the front flower garden and they are huge. I'm gonna have to do some major trimming this spring!


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