Monday, August 16, 2010

Survey says

1. Do you prefer cats or dogs? 

Ummm...have you ever read my blog?  I'm a dog person.  Don't get me wrong, cuddly little kittens are cute and all, but I would take any pup over a cat any day or night.

2. Do you prefer chicken or steak? Or are you a Veggie?

I loooooove me some steak!  But unfortunately it's not all that good for you in large quantities, so I tend to eat more chicken.

3. Do you eat at the dining room table or on the couch?
Honestly, I'd much rather eat at a dining room table, but we always end up eating at the coffee table by the couch.  Maybe once we have kids we'll switch to a more formal setup to encourage dinner conversations, but for now, I'll be vacuuming my couch way too many times to make sure no food is stuck behind any cushions.

4. Would you prefer a digital camera or do you enjoy the surprise of developing pictures?
As cool as it is to be surprised by waiting to develop your pictures, I absolutely love the new technology of digital pictures.  It's great to see how your pictures came out and if you need to retake any or to plug it in to your computer and print copies instantly on your photo printer.

5. Would you prefer to cook or go out?
I love cooking, but since I've gotten myself pregnant (I'm just teasing, it was 100% planned!), I've had cravings for take out and restaurants in general.  I've had no food cravings and no aversions that many go through when pregnant, but I've recently wanted nothing more than to go out. Daily.  Obviously, we don't do that because then we'd be broke and probably incredibly unhealthy, but we've definitely started spending more time out than we ever have before.

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  1. I'm also planning to move our dining from the couch to the table once we have kids. The couch/coffee table combo is just so comfortable, isn't it?


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