Friday, September 10, 2010

Daycare - a major decision

Sometimes I feel like I'm a 15 year-old kid that fell asleep and woke up as a 27-year old.  Somewhere in the past 12 years, time decided to fly and leave me, mouth wide open, staring after it, wondering what just happened.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally aware that I spent the past 12 years racing through time, anxious to get to the next moment in my life.  Just 4 years to finish high school. Just 4 years of college.  And then, suddenly, we were in the real world.  It wasn't too bad at first - we were just a couple of kids playing house.  And then we decided to get married.  What's the big deal? We're just a couple of kids playing house.  And then we decided to buy a house.  Okay.  Pause here.  This one was actually terrifying. I hyperventilated as the lawyer pushed over a stack about yay high over to me and it screamed "YOU'RE ABOUT TO SIGN YOUR LIFE AWAY!"  But that was only about 30 minutes and then we were in the front yard of our very own home, toasting with champagne and taking a ride on our lawn mower.  After all, we were just a couple of kids playing house.

About five and a half months ago we made yet another huge decision.  We decided to have a little Peanut.  Yes - it was a huge decision.  Yes - we thought for years about this one.  But we were still a couple of kids, making some big decisions.  We were excited to have Peanut, but not much really changed.

Until it became a reality.  That was approximately a month ago when these two kids decided to take a step into our very first daycare.  And then it was suddenly real.  We were at a daycare.  We were making a huge decision for our little Peanut.  Our first major decision about someone else's life.  Someone else who wasn't even born yet!  Someone who would rely on us to make all the major decisions.

So these couple of kids put their very adult hats on and walk in and out of about 5 more daycares in the area.  And you know what we learned?  When you walk into a daycare that's right - you feel it.  Just like the day we looked into one another's eyes one night and knew we were meant to be.  Just like the day we walked into the little fixer-upper house and knew it was meant to be our first home.  We walked into one of these daycares and knew that we found what we were looking for!

This daycare is super perfect for us - it's privately owned, but not in someone's house.  It's run by someone who has kids and loves them.  The main belief in this daycare is that kids are meant to be loved.  And held.  And taken care of.  The place was open and bright.  It's minutes from our home and minutes from our work.  It's not exactly what I would call on the "cheaper" side, but our little Peanut deserves the best.

To do our due diligence, we're still seeing another 2-3 daycares to solidify our decision, but I'm so excited that we found some place that fits us and our beliefs about raising our little Peanut.

So - I'm dying to know.  What was/is important to you about picking a daycare?

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  1. For us, we wanted a safe, nurturing, educational and loving environment. We want our children to be prepared for school, but to do so through constructive play and guided exploration. We are in LOVE with the pre-school Peanut (our 4 yo boy) is currently enrolled. I hope you find the place that makes it a little easier to go to work each day. <3


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