Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emily's wedding

My friend Emily from Life on Food got married this past weekend in Maine.  Their wedding was on this adorable island just off the coast of Portland, ME. 

Emily and Jordan, just married
The wedding was amazing, the bride couldn't look more beautiful, the groom seemed to light up at the sight of his bride, and the food was spectacular.  But I'll save for food for later.

First, our cast of characters.
BFF Laura
Laura was there - OBVIOUSLY!  It was great to spend some time with her since we haven't seen her since our BBQ almost a whole month ago!  What gives Laura?

Jon and I with the Bride & Groom
Jon and I didn't know many people at the wedding...scratch that...we didn't know anyone except for the Bride, Groom and Laura.  But we had a blast never the less.

Sightlines girls
The wedding was on the smaller side size-wise which was amazing since we actually got to spend some quality time with the Bride & Groom!  That's tough to do at a wedding.

First Dance
Em and Jordan had a beautifully practiced partially choreographed danced.

Cutting the cake
Since Emily and Jordan are Foodies, the food was amazing.  Not to mention their cake.  It was to die for.

Happy couple
And like any wedding, Jon and I were once again reminded just how exciting it is to spend that first few hours together as a married couple.  Weddings always make me smile.

How can you not with this guy by your side?


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