Friday, September 17, 2010

Eric and Michele's wedding - continued

Did you wonder why Jon and I are sitting so far away?

There's a story for that (isn't there always with me?).

I'm going to start by polling you all about weddings - have you ever been to a wedding that started on time?

Me neither (if you said no).

Jon and I were about 15 minutes early (it was a very long drive and I'm 5.5 months pregnant...guess how many potty breaks we took?).  We were rather excited, but I wanted to make sure I didn't have to run to the bathroom mid-ceremony, so we made a detour.  First off, it took us about 10 minutes to walk from our car to the reception hall - we miscalculated about parking.  Then, when we reached the hall, I bolted into the bathroom.  When I stepped out, Jon was standing in the hallway, looking awkward, next to the bride!  I was caught off-guard and quickly said "hi" to Michele, who looked unbelievable in her white dress.  She looked as shocked as we were and told us she was about to walk down the isle!  And, in fact, we weren't even in the right place!

Jon and I apologized profusely and bolted for the gardens where the ceremony was to take place.  We literally took our (very far away) seats in time for the bridal party to start walking down the isle.  Talk about embarrassing!

Things I learned: some weddings do indeed start on time and I really need to figure out how to properly budget time for trips now with the ridiculous amount of potty breaks.


  1. My wedding planner made me hide in the elevator before walking down the aisle due to some last minute potty breaks from a preg. friend of mine, but I didn't mind a bit-- :)

  2. Every wedding I've ever been to has been on time. lol


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