Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eric & Michele's Wedding

Wedding season is at its peak for us!  Last weekend Jon and I drove to Catlin Gardens in NY to celebrate my friend Eric and Michele's wedding. 

Here comes the bride
Eric, Michele, Jon and I are all University of Massachusetts, Amherst graduates.  Although, since the school was huge, Jon never even ran into Eric or Michele.  It's a shocker that Jon and I even ran into each other!

The Ceremony
Eric and I met our freshman year - pretty much the first day of classes.  We were both Computer Science majors (Oh? Did I never mention I am a huge geek?) and had to go to an 8am (YUCK!) Comp Sci math class.  This was pretty much the only small class I had that semester.  Eric and I were the only "cool" kids among the geeks (while I was pretty much the only girl in the major), so it was natural that we got to know each other.

Eric and Michele exchanging their vows
That class lasted through the entire year (there were two sections) and we became good friends - helping each other in schoolwork and our shared classes.  We also shared a love for anything new in technology, reformatting our drives approximately every two weeks, and geeking out over electronics.  The natural connection grew even more from our "coolness" among our geeky, and often smelly, classmates.  We spent most of the class making fun of everything, from the fact that our teacher wore the exact same shirt, pants, and hat every single day (once he dropped some jam during class on his shirt and the next day the stain was still there!) to the incredibly smelly Teacher's Assistant that would lean in extra close to me anytime I had a question while Eric sat nearby stifling his laughter.

Just married!
Although Eric and I hung out in different "crowds" outside of our classes, we still managed to run into each other at a random Frat party here and there.  Later in our college career I switched majors to Marketing at the School of Management while Eric remained in Computer Science, but we continued to keep in touch.  We still talk weekly, if not daily.

Man and Wife
Eric and Michele met on the first day of school and have been drawn to one another ever since.  They went on their first official date a few weeks into school and since Eric had no car on campus, I drove them.  Isn't it funny how all of our lives intertwine?

the happy couple
They dated through college and moved out to the Boston area together after school.  Recently, Michele and Eric even bought their very own first home!
Celebrating their marriage at the reception
It's really hard for me to think that it's been 9 years!  I can't believe that those two kids who met up in their early math class and spent the hour giggling and getting into trouble are now grown ups.  We're someone's husband and wife; we're homeowners (with a hefty mortgage to prove it); and some of us are even expecting our first baby!  Time flies when you're living your life.

Congratulations Eric and Michele- we're so happy that you invited us to celebrate this big step in your life!


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