Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eric and Michele's wedding - the party

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures at Eric and Michele's wedding mostly because I was already embarrassed enough when everyone saw us come in late.  This is very disappointing to me.  But I did get to shoot some pics of the other characters I haven't seen in years!

In fact, other than a couple of random occurrences, Eric and I really haven't seen each other for almost 6 years!  There was the time when Jon and I just moved in together and we (completely randomly) ran into Eric and Michele at the Boston Science Museum.  That was the only time Jon met Eric and Michele before their wedding.  Then, 5 years later, Eric and my schedules magically aligned and we were able to hang out in New Haven, CT for dinner and some drinks along with some friends.  Sometimes I wonder how you can feel so close to a person you never see.

Although Eric and I had very different social lives at college, we did get to know each others' friends a bit.

George and Amar
These two studs were Eric's buddies in college and continue to be close friends in the Boston area.  I think George and I actually had a class or two together back in the golden days, while Amar was a Resident Assistant in the same building that I was an RA in.  I continue to marvel at how everyone has 6 degrees of separation.

These two were actually each others' dates at the wedding (don't deny it, guys), along with a few other weddings they attended this year.  Oh, and they're pretty much roommate (they live in the same building but in different apartment).  You'd think they'd have enough of each other, but, shockingly, they're still getting along rather well.

Jon and I at the wedding
And that, ladies and gents, concludes my coverage of Eric and Michele's wedding.  Congrats again you two!  Hope we can run into one another more than once a decade.


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