Friday, September 3, 2010

Emily & Jordan's wedding - the food!

Emily & Jordan's wedding in Maine wasn't just one heck of a beautiful wedding, but included some pretty spectacular food.

Since we were in Lobster-town, Jon and I both had to get the lobster for dinner.

I love lobster.  The juicy meat, the butter, the fresh lemon...mmmm....

Side story - when Jon and I first moved in to our apartment (as just room mates), we decided to go out to a local grocery store and grab some lobsters for dinner.  We picked out our two lobsters and brought them home, where we quickly realized that we didn't have a lobster pot.  Jon decided to run out to wal-mart to buy a lobster pot while I stayed home. 

I kept eying the bag with the lobsters, feeling bad that they were all cooped up in that tiny little bag.  I decided that it was a good idea to fill up the kitchen sink and let them swim around a bit.  You know, as their last good swim.  I filled up the sink and turned the bag upside down to drop the lobsters in. 

I am not exactly sure what I expected.  Perhaps I thought they would swim around like little fishies?  Wrong!  The lobsters started crawling and completely freaking out.  Within seconds the lobsters were out of the sink, crawling and snapping all over the kitchen.  It took me a second to snap out of shock and grab whatever was around and large enough to capture the lobsters.  It took a few minutes, but by the time Jon got back I had a laundry basket over one lobster on the floor that I was sitting on to keep it secure, while the other lobster was securely covered by a huge fruit basket with about 7 pots on top.

On a totally different note, not only did we have lobster for dinner - we had them for dessert too!

How amazing and intricate is this cake?

And the taste?

My oh my.

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  1. Oh my goodness - your lobster story made me laugh so hard! I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to cook lobster. Honestly, I think I like shrimp better anyway! That cake is super cute.


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