Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Babies at the Vineyard

This weekend was absolutely amazing!  Our friends Dave and J, the ones that got married last year, came over to hang out.  We decided to go to a Vineyard a few minutes away.  Apparently it was "Family Day” there, so it was actually kind of normal to have a baby at the bar.

Vineyard with D n J 021
I get just as excited for wine glasses

Yup, leave it to my baby to love being at a bar around bottles of wine.

Vineyard with D n J 027
Does anyone else notice that she's sitting by herself?

Side note, every time that I think about Addison being at the Vinery, I think about that Sweet Home Alabama movie quote, “Look at you!  You have a baby…in a bar!”

Vineyard with D n J 046
Yes, J and I are wearing a very similar shirt.  We're bff like that.

It was absolutely amazing to have a day out with our friends, especially when it was acceptable to have the baby at the bar (there were at least 5 other infants there!).

Vineyard with D n J 051
Same expression?  J was telling us something awesome.

After the Vineyard, we ventured out to an ice cream place and got soft server with chocolate sprinkles.

Vineyard with D n J 066
Yawn...your old people stories are so boring.

Another side note, in Massachusetts (Boston area, not Western MA…there is a BIG difference) we called them Jimmies.  What do you call them?

Vineyard with D n J 069
J and Peanut and a glass of wine.

Yet another note, does anyone notice Dave walking off into the sunset?

Vineyard with D n J 072
Dave, walking off into the "sunset"

(Yes, I am aware there is no sunset.  But you get the drift).

Vineyard with D n J 081
Dave, coming back from walking off into the "sunset"

Back to our weekend – after ice cream and jimmies, we went back to our place, put Peanut to bed and had some BBQ burgers and hot dogs, followed by a coupe of drinks and some awesome conversation.

Vineyard with D n J 082
Jon is very serious about baby games

Which brings me to my last side story:

When I met Jon’s best friends, Dave and Janelle, they told me lots of stories of their High School and College years.  And every time we got together, there were more stories (some the same, some new) of their years together.

Now, almost 4 years of marriage and 6 years of being together, later, I’m starting to appear in their stories.

It’s pretty darn exciting to be part of their very tight group and I love every single moment of it.

What was your weekend like?
Do you tell stories from the good ol’ days?

I'm going back to this Vineyard on Saturday with my bloggy friends!  Wanna come? Click here for more info.


  1. Chocolate jimmies, rainbow sprinkles :-)

  2. We call them sprinkles, but jimmies is cuter! :) Love the pictures of the vineyard...I wish I could go someplace like that! Unfortunately, I think Florida only has one and it supposedly sucks.

    You're initiating Addi early...good for you! :)

  3. Ha!! Hilarious about your Sweet Home Alabama quote. We took Levi in with us to get a glass of Sangria and when my sister questioned me, I said "Well, this one's on the tit, so I can still take him pretty much anywhere."

  4. LOVE this post... love the vineyard, the wine, the baby at the bar (both the reality of it and the quote)! Saying that reminds me of another quote, "love the bag, love the shoes, love everything." - My Best Friend's Wedding (love that movie too.) =D

    ~ GGG

  5. that looks like so much fun! peanut is so adorable and well behaved. jeff and i went to Nashoba Valley Vineyards when I was pregnant and I want to go back to I can enjoy a glass of wine!ps- this weekend we enjoyed lobster in Essex Ma :-) and we call them sprinkles!

  6. We call them sprinkles here in KS. My weekend was boring yet busy. Organized my computer, mowed for 5 hours and then had lunch with my gma in a town 100 miles east of us for her birthday. Oh and I played with the puppy a lot! That could be the reason I still have 2 laundry baskets full of clean clothes to put away! lol

  7. seeing these pics makes me super excited for Saturday. Peanut's expressions are so cute.
    Oh and for the record, they're SPRINKLES!

  8. What winery is this? And where? I need to go on a wine tour soon... haha

  9. So fun! And I'm starting to get written out of stories now that I've moved away! It's sad! Not written out...they're just making more memories that I wasn't present for. :/

  10. Ooooh I love that moment when you realize you're part of people's stories. So special!

  11. I LOVE the yawn picture! So I have a question for you - should you decide to tackle it...what do you do with drinking and nursing? Like I occassionally have a glass or two of wine but then I wonder if I should pump and dump or not worry about it? How much can you drink wihtout having to worry about it in the breast milk? I never know what to do, so then I just end up not getting the drinks that I so want!

  12. I love that you and Jon pack up Peanut and take her with you on your adventures. That's exactly what Nick and I hope to do. I know our lives will change after our Peanut arrives, but I still want to maintain aspects of our former selves.

    Also, Addison is getting cuter by the day!

  13. So cute! Jimmies in New Hampshire!

  14. Your daughter is so pretty! So lady-like too, my child would have destroyed most of the bar area.

    Around here (in the sticks of MD), we call them "sprinkles" but you were I grew up in northern VA, you better know the spanish name for them, or least be able to point. :)

  15. Oh what a precious little girl...I remember those days with my 2 girls...have 2 boys too...and thanks for following and for the comment...my mom says..you never stop worrying even when they are grown, married and with kids of their own..following back...

  16. so cute. she is getting so big :)

  17. Darling little one!
    Hi Im your new follower from the hop. I would love if you could hop over to http://www.girltechdivas.com and follow back.

  18. Well, we have take our Chicken to more bars/pubs than I care to remember in her short life! Pubs here are like restaurants, and most of them even have high chairs!

    Also, our best man and maid of honour from our wedding are our best friends (obv) and they are also Chickens godparents, and we are their daughters godparents. We all go back about ten years and have far too many stories. So much fun catching up with people like that!

  19. Taken,we have taken,seriously I'm sorry about the grammar. And I call myself a teacher!

  20. OMG! I know this is so random but I just had to say that I LOVE Addi's dress in these photos. What can I say? I'm a sucker for polo dresses, and the pockets just put it over the top! Where did you find it?!?


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