Monday, June 6, 2011

A garden update

This is only the second time that I made it out to the garden so I thought I’d update you (since we actually weeded it and all…).

Weekend 085

Here are the Zucchini plants – the seeds have come a long way.

Weekend 087

These are the other squash plants. They’ve also grown quite a bit.

The cucumbers, watermelon and onion seeds didn't make it.  I won't point any fingers (Jon) but someone (Jon) killed my onions (Jon).  And the rest I didn't plant correctly. 

The grass cuttings have been absolutely amazing at keeping the weeds away and putting nutrients into the soil

Although when it rots, it smells.  Really bad.  Yuck.

Weekend 092

The strawberry plants have some sweet little treats hiding among them.  I picked about a bowl-full this morning and have already eaten most of them.  It’s like candy.  Nature’s candy.

Weekend 089

Today we finally put the tomato plants in.

Weekend 088

And basil.  I love basil.  So much.

Weekend 084

For my first Mother’s Day, Jon’s mom bought me some perennials (does she know what I love or what!) and this here is a rhubarb plant.  Next to my strawberries.  Anyone else see something in our future?

Then I decided to take some pictures of some other perennials in my garden.   Enjoy.

I love my roses. 

I also love my irises.  I have these gorgeous blue ones and some yellow ones (they already finished blooming).

And I love eating these yummy wild strawberries or, in Russian, Zemlinika, from our garden.

What are you growing this year?  What are you proud of?


  1. Your vegetables and fruit look so great! I'm jealous...I have always wanted to be able to have an actual garden. Unfortunately, my apartment does not make that possible. However, I am currently growing jalepenos and they are doing really well!

  2. Your garden looks good! I wish we could have that much of a variety. We only have onions and peppers this year because of the lack of space. We couldn't plant them in our backyard because our dog is a crazy and would have ate them/dug them up!

  3. I've grown my appetite for veggies in your garden...:)

  4. If you make strawberry rhubarb pie I will be in CT in a hot second. My fav hands down.

  5. I was weeding my garden yesterday too. My green beans are just poking through the soil. I'm sure I'll be cussing them once I have them coming out of my ears. Your garden looks really good!

  6. Your garden looks fantastic! I have a strawberry plant in a pot that I will transfer to a box once I build it (ha!). Your strawberries did much better than mine. I would love a garden but don't have the time for one. I will just go over to my moms garden and steal her veggies :)

  7. Super jealous of your homegrown strawberries! I need to raid my parents' garden again soon.

  8. I love basil too. My three potted plants look pathetic to you massive garden. Can not wait to see it fully grown. And so jealous of your strawberries. I want pie!


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