Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A day in the life of the Kings - 4.5 months

Do you ever wonder what everyone around you is doing all day long?  Because I do.  So you must too.

Here’s a typical weekday in our household.

Sometime between 5:30am and 6am we usually wake up and look over at the baby monitor to find Peanut laying in her crib, wide awake, often smiling at absolutely nothing.  Or gurgling to herself.

I get up and grab Peanut and feed her in bed with us while Jon hits the snooze button two or three times.  Around 6:15am Jon usually gets up and gets in the shower while I pump and play with Peanut in our bed.

Around 6:45am Jon finishes showering and getting dressed for the day and grabs Peanut while I hop in the shower.

While I shower, Jon plays with Peanut and gets her dressed (I have to pick out her outfit before I get in the shower.  Otherwise she is usually dressed in a summer dressed with jeans on top of a onesie in 80 degree weather.  Yup.  He’s a guy.) 

I am out of the shower around 7am and start getting ready, putting make up on, getting dressed, doing my hair while Jon gets a coffee, washes Peanut’s face and plays with her.

By 7:45 we are all ready and packed up for the day; the dogs have gone outside, eaten, and ventured down to the basement where they hang out during the hot summer days.  Jon and I take turns dropping Peanut off at daycare depending on our schedules at work.

8am to 5pm is pretty boring.  Jon and I work and miss our Peanut while she has a great time at daycare.  We often take turns coming home to let the dogs out, etc but otherwise, it's pretty boring.

On average she takes 3-4 naps lasting about 45 minutes to an hour and half.  She eats 4 bottles with 4-5 ounces each. 

At 5pm we bolt out of the door and pick up our little Peanut (the person who didn’t drop Peanut off is usually the person who picks her up).  We’re home around 5:30pm to unpack from the day, let the dogs out and start our evening routine.

Although this varies from time to time, on nice days I pack up Peanut and the pups and go for about a 30 minutes walk near our house.  This allows the pups to get some exercise and Peanut to take a 20-30 minutes nap.

At 6:15 I offer Peanut a little “snack” of milk and then we feed her some solids.  So far we’ve stuck to rice cereal but we’re about to start venturing into some new, fun foods like avocado, sweet potato, and squash. 

Once we clean up from “dinner” we play, get some belly time, dance around, and watch the puppies wrestle (Peanut’s favorite activity).  Then at 7:30pm we begin the bedtime routine.

Jon gets the bath ready while I get Peanut undressed, then he gives her a bath while I clean up a bit from our “dinner.”  After bath time, we dress Peanut (who absolutely hates this part) and I feed her while Jon cooks us a quick dinner and cleans up.

By 8pm I put Peanut (who is typically still awake) in the crib and turn on her projector mobile.  Then I pump while Jon finishes dinner and we finally get to sit down to eat around 8:15-8:30pm.

After post-dinner clean up and making Peanut’s bottles for the following day, Jon and I plop our tired butts on the couch and hang out together.

This is when I blog while Jon watches TV.

By 10pm we are brushing our teeth and climbing into bed, barely keeping our eyes open to say good night and pass out.

These days Peanut wakes up once or twice during the night for a diaper change and cries for about 10-15 minutes before either laying there quietly or falling back asleep.

So that’s our day.

What’s your day like?

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  1. She can already read? Amazing! :)

  2. Since we brought the puppy home my morning is now starting at 5. That's 2 hours earlier than usual! :( Of course guess who sleeps right through her whining and won't get up to let her outside? The same guy that said and I QUOTE!!! "oh we'll take turns getting up with Molly during the night." My butt! lol

  3. She is such a cutie! Love the photos.

  4. We have that "That's not my monkey" book. :) It's currently Nate's favorite pre-bedtime book.

  5. Our days here go in a rotation of eat, poop, play, poop, sleep, play, eat, poop...for 8 hours while Brad is at work. When he gets home we do 50/50 for the rest of the evening. Except, Brad always does baths and I do bedtime. Then we sit on the couch and veg out, go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. But! Now that I have the gym membership we're adding that into the morning, and of course, there's always the playdates.

  6. My husband cannot dress our kids either. I thought he would be able to dress our son, since he dresses himself just fine, but no. I just accept it as one of my jobs in our marriage :)

    Peanut is a doll, SO cute!

  7. I keep meaning to try and write down what Robby's been doing for myself...but I have no clue. He eats a lot. He poops a lot. Recently, he fusses a lot. All I've got. So nice you have a schedule!

  8. Peanut is getting so big!!!!!

  9. I don't have a typical day :) but your day sounds so much nicer, except for the bit between 8-5 where you have to work!

    And oh my! Peanut is getting huge! And even cuter by the day!

  10. I don't have any kids so my day is a little bit different :-)

    Up at 6, leave for the train by 6:45-6:50, arrive at work by 8:30, work all day and stare out my window until 5, take the train home, arrive home by 7, dinner gets started around 7:30 and after dinner we either sit our lazy bums on the couch or head off to the gym around 9, come home and I'm in bed by 11.

  11. Can your Peanut get any cuter?! Love the flower, she's such a doll!!

  12. She is adorable! I know I don't know you, but I see a lot of Jon in her, especially in the 2nd photo. :) It's nice to hear about someone else's routine, especially when they have such a young child.

  13. Kat do you have to wake up at night in order to pump? Or does your supply just naturally adjust? I'm wondering if I'll ever sleep through a night even when the baby does because I think my boobs might explode lol. And Peanut is so cute!


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